Epiphany! Its time to manifest!

Having a conversation with my co-worker and it all just came to me. I know exactly what I need to do to raise my vibration and how to recognize when my vibration is low frequency but I don’t really exercise manifesting the way I should.
So I wanted to challenge myself and be intentional on the way I manifest. With this blog, my journey of different self care practices will only rise and benefit my vibration during this challenge of manifesting. You can’t manifest when depressed. You just can’t. Your vibration is too low. To many things block your energy.

To start off, I am going to create a vision board, intentionally buying supplies and decorations for this project.
A vision board is a collage of ideas you envisioned for yourself. A lifestyle you imagine.

HERE is the link to a limited time FREE vision board blueprint PDF.

I’m a strong believer in protecting energy so I will NOT show you my complete project or at least not today but I will show you an example of a filled out the blueprint. I knew the timing was right to intentionally manifest while I was writing in the blueprint for myself and R. Kelly’s song I believe I can fly can came on (mind you since that interview came out the radios funny about playing his music) and than he sang “If I can’t see it then I can do it!” If you can see it in your mind, it’s possible and you can bring it from your mind into the physical world. Manifestation 101

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