The begging

Why I started blogging and wellness consulting?

Call me the faith dealer, the abundance plug. I feel like I am healing and wellness. I feel like this is my born purpose. I know our vessels are the key to existing in physical form and experiencing life on this earth. Once you lose your body it is pretty much game over. I also know only when you enjoy living can you truly enjoy life itself. You can only start to enjoy living; once you learn true love, unconditional love, and love of self. Most people believe they understand what love is but truth is they don’t. To achieve true self love you have to practice self-care. Self-care has many methods you can implement in your daily, weekly or monthly routines. Have you ever thought about whether you’re honestly living your life or are you just existing? Unfortunately, majority of people are just existing in a day to day routine on auto pilot. If you choose to experience your time on earth like that, cool, but I know I’m created for more. And ever since I can remember this journey of self-love wellness, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually has been in full effect. I know how to guide people through healing pain from the heart. I have met multiple people I ended up helping to navigate through pain and trauma they have endured within their lives. My different experiences with pain has created a diamond heart making me to be able to hold your hand and walk through the hell with you, battle some demons then see the light.

This blog was create by a healer sharing the journey on self-love to harness goddess energy, opening up to experiencing different types of rituals of self-care and always taking “me time” to indulge in maintaining a natural wellness balance with-in the body. Along with teaching how it all plays a role in studying “The art of divine feminine energy”. Big goddess energy. Goddess energy is powerful and can be multi-dimensionally felt and nourishing. If I can help navigate you to achieve joy in your life, would you do what you whatever possible to get it? I can’t love you more than you love yourself and I can’t help you more then you help yourself.

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